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NBR Movie of the Month--August

It's that time again -- time for the NBR Movie of the Month.  For August, it's an old (well, 33 year old) favorite:  Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

I'm not well-versed in Westerns, but I like 'em every now and then.  Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid has a lot going for it.  Recently, I saw the 2005 special edition version of the film, and I found it really enjoyable -- the two hours or so went by quick. 

I like Kris Kristofferson as Billy the Kid.  I think the themes are fairly interesting.  You've got the evolution of the Old West into a "modern" society.  You've got the tearing apart of relationships.  You've got the decay of humanity, even as it tries to save itself (or something).  Anyways, I hate even attempting to be intellectual about films, so I'll stop while I've only made a bit of a fool out of myself.

So what else do I like about the film?  Well, obviously I'm going to say that I like Bob Dylan's roles.  First, as Alias, Dylan puts in one of the more memorable "minor" (perhaps intentionally minor, I dunno) performances in American cinematic history.  The scene where Alias is reading off the labels in the saloon is priceless ("Beans ... lima beans ... baked beans ... beans ... salmon ...")

And Dylan's soundtrack music is great too.  The original version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is classic.  The rest of the music also works well.  Dylan has always said that his talents as a composer are underappreciated.  He's right, and this film's soundtrack proves it.

So yeah, that's the NBR Movie of the Month for August.  While the summer is scorching hot, kick back, put Pat Garret and Billy the Kid in the DVD player, and feel fortunate you live in a time when air conditioning exists.

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