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Greatest Coach Meltdowns of All Time (at least as available on YouTube)

A friend of mine asked me today to help her come up with the names of famous Hermans.  She had already thought of Herman's Hermits, so the next name to come to mind was Herman Edwards.  I was astonished that she'd never heard of Coach Edwards, and that she'd never heard Herm's famous axiom, "You play to win the game."  So, I felt inspired to post the Top Five Greatest Coach Meltdowns of All Time.

  1. Herman Edwards, "You Play to Win the Game":  "Meltdowns" is kind of a bad word for this list I guess, because Herm didn't melt down here (in my opinion).  He was just fired up.  Either way, this is the gold standard, because it provided us with a fresh coaching catch phrase that, perhaps by virtue of its obviousness, gives us a common sense approach to life, sports, love, etc.
  2. Dennis Green, "They Are Who We Thought They Were":  Who would've thought that after moving to ESPN, Monday Night Football would trigger one of the greatest coaching meltdowns of all time?  This tirade supplied another catch phrase, which--again--gives us a common sense approach to life, sports, love, etc. by virtue of its obviousness.
  3. Jim Mora, "Playoffs?!?!":  This is sorta beyond description.  Really, Mora's "playoffs?!?!" is just below with Howard Dean's indecipherable yelp from the 2004 presidential primary season on the list of "Most Memorable 'One-Word' Exclamations."
  4. John L. Smith, "The Coaches Are Screwing It Up":  I had to add John L. to this list--I'm really going to miss him as Michigan State's head coach.  This is the one Ohio State home football game I haven't attended in person over the past three seasons, and in a way it kind of worked out, because I was able to witness this gem live on television.  This was the beginning of the end of MSU's 2005 season--all because they couldn't get their field goal unit on the field in time.  John L.'s "I got hit" press conference clip from after this season's Illinois game would be number two on this list, but the post-Google YouTube has been flooded with bogus clips for some reason, and a lot of stuff has been deleted recently.
  5. John Chaney, "When I See You, I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass":  As a University of Dayton alumnus, I miss John Chaney.  When the A-10 announced that the A-10 Tournament would be in Dayton, John Chaney said something to the effect of, "That's ridiculous.  Why should we all have to go out to the sticks?"  At the next UD-Temple game in Dayton, the ever-enterprising Red Scare proclaimed it "Farmer Night" at UD Arena.  People dressed up as yokel farmers, complete with custom UD John Deere hats.  The good-natured Chaney donned a straw hat for a few moments and posed for pictures with UD students sitting near the court (seriously).  Anyway, in one of his less good-natured moments, Chaney threated John Calipari's life after a game.  I would've listed the "Send in a goon" press conference from after an ill-fated Temple-Saint Joseph's game a few years back, but, alas, it's not on YouTube.

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