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December 13, 2006

USA Today writes to you to show you...

It's been a while since I posted anything--I've been busy--I'll post more frequently in the new year--blah blah blah....  Anyway.... 

While listening to his great Waved Out today, I was alerted that Robert Pollard was named #58 on Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy Top 100 People of 2006 on USA Today.  He was ranked right ahead of Neil Patrick Harris, and he beat out Howie Mandel, Courtney Love, Will Oldham, Emmitt Smith, and Kevin Smith.

I'd never heard of Whitney Matheson before, but she obviously has pretty decent taste if she put Bob Pollard in her top 60.  Her bio says that she grew up in "the historic town of Fredericksburg," which I assume means Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Why is this significant, you ask?  Well, I bought my first Guided By Voices record, the "I Am A Scientist" EP, at Blue Dog Tapes and CDs, in none other than beautiful downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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