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New Knights of Infinite Resignation EP coming in May!

It's been five years in the making!  The Knights of Infinite Resignation will finally release their debut EP on May 22.  The record, called Peace and Rest (another Kierkegaard reference--would you expect anything less?) will feature five songs:

  1. Without You
  2. Look, It's Rubber Boy!
  3. Next To You
  4. Diesel Rules
  5. Cold Shoulder

The tracks have been culled from the Knights' various recording sessions over the years (in Hudson and Columbus, Ohio).  Not only do you get the Knights in all of their spazzed-out fuzzy glory ("Diesel Rules" is epic), but you also get them doing their "We're Ohio's Yo La Tengo" act with "Next To You."

An interesting note:  "Without You" was written by Lee as a tribute to Carl Wilson just after his passing in 1998.  Accordingly, the original 1998 version features Beach Boys-style backup vocals.  The version here--which was recorded a few weeks ago--has no backup vocals, but the "Don't Worry Baby"-esque guitar solo was kept in the arrangment.

Anyway, the record sounds great, and it's a fitting beginning for the Knights' recording career.  This release will also be the first by Next Best Records to be available worldwide on iTunes.  More information on iTunes, as well as traditional CD availability will follow soon.  In the meantime, "Look, It's Rubber Boy!" and "Cold Shoulder" can be heard on the Knights' MySpace page (albeit in initial mono mixes).

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