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Next Best Records on YouTube

Lee Wadlinger's first video is complete.  It's an ultra lo-fi production, created entirely using a cell phone's video camera function.  The video is for the song "Throwing Bottles," essentially because, well, it's the shortest song off of the upcoming Twentieth Century Apprenticeship EP (coming March 27!).  The video has been posted on Lee's MySpace page and YouTube

Also, if you click on my YouTube profile (nextbestrecords), you can check out an expanding list of Next Best Records approved YouTube videos.  Lee highly recommends the video of Prisonshake playing "Act Like Nothing's Wrong" (if only there were a video of them doing "Fairfield Avenue Serenade").

Anyways, your comments on the L.W. video are much appreciated.  If enough people dig it (read: get a hearty chuckle out of it), maybe we'll make more.  And maybe we'll even upgrade from the cell phone video camera.

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