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August 20, 2008

About Last Night #2

Weedeater can really groove.  Dig that bass sound.

Weedeater at Cafe Bourbon Street

Untied we stand.

Long live dirt weed.

Mankind is unkind, man.

God luck and good speed.

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August 13, 2008

About last night (and the night before)

Solid one-two punch Monday and Tuesday nights here in Central Oh.  Monday I went to Bourbon St. for the really big rock show.

Last time I saw Psychedelic Horseshit was after Comfest I think, when I really wasn't in my right mind, so it was good to see the new new lineup again.  Seemed like they played a lot of new stuff, which I fully support.  More melodic, more ambitious (???), more bang fer yer buck.  Play the new stuff.  It sounds better than the old stuff, and the old stuff still rules. 

Hadn't heard either Crystal Stilts or Vivian Girls (both apparently from New York).  I dug both sets.  Stilts had a sorta Velvets-poprock type sound (at least from behind the stage), but I may be getting the Velvets comparison mostly by reflex from their kick-ass playing-while-standing drummer who tastefully laid off the cymbals.  Vivian Girls were more straight-up frantic pop rock.  Overall highlight of the night (and it was an A+ night) had to be their killer cover of the Beach Boys' "Girl Don't Tell Me."  I know, I'm partial to Beach Boys covers, but this was seriously good and had me yelling "Carl Wilson" after it was over.  I told their bassist they need to record and release a version of it . . . hopefully they do.

Crystal Stilts at Cafe Bourbon Street

Monday night's obligatory bad photo: Crystal Stilts

Times New Viking capped things off as you knew they would.  New songs (off the upcoming EP, maybe?) kicked it.  The super-packed Bourbon St. crowd went wild -- the kids getting a bit rowdy, and even though they came a little close to toppling the PA a couple of times, it was good to see the place that crowded for these bands.  Was that a six-minute version of "Love Your Daughters"?  Could've gone to eight.  Perfect night all around, really.

Tuesday night I made my way to Carabar.  Howlies' YouTube video for "Aluminum Baseball Bat" had me geared up for some new-oldies crooning, but alas, they're pretty much your standard, slightly-above average, upbeat guitar rock.  Not that there's anything wrong with that -- everybody else seemed really into it -- but it wasn't quite my thing.  They did play "Baseball Bat," though, and that was something even I could get fully behind.

Mr. Rubberburner, on the other hand, was a little older and a little dirtier -- something I can get behind.  A Columbus supergroup of sorts, they belted out the raw guitar rock and ended the night with a riff-laden cover of "My Perogative."  Good work, fellas.

Mr. Rubberburner at Carabar

Tuesday night's obligatory bad photo: Mr. Rubberburner

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August 10, 2008

I didn't drink a Scotch


Bob Log III at Cafe Bourbon Street

I sorta have a rule that any time I see a dude in a sequined black jumpsuit don a helmet with a phone attached to it and play some wicked country blues licks while singing and kicking a drum and cymbal, I have to tell the world about it.

Bob Log III sizzled last night at Bourbon Street. Scott Biram threw a couple of strong punches, too.  And Grafton rules.  Over and out.

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