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About Last Night #4

Not last night actually, but Friday night.  Prisonshake started off slow, but ended up obliterating the faithful who stuck around.

Mr. Rubberburner started off.  The bassman extraordinaire wasn't in the house, but the band nevertheless sounded better than the last time.  The songs definitely were a bit more polished.  I'm down.

Mr. Rubberburner at the Summit

Mr. Rubberburner (bigger pic)

The 'Shake was the main attraction, though, and damned if they didn't end up kicking some ass.  Not without some drama.  The equipment was going out left and right early on.  "Fake Your Own Death," the opener, was ruined due to the malfunctions, and the amps or whatever kept going out for the first 15 minutes or so.  That, coupled with the need to get the guitars completely retuned for different songs, got things off to a fairly rocky start.  Cut 'em some slack, though.  This was their first show in a year and a half.

Prisonshake at the Summit

Prisonshake . . . Enkler wasn't messing around (bigger pic

Things continued to be a little tense throughout the main set.  As the equipment kept freaking out and a handful of people started streaming out of the bar, the band looked more than a little frustrated.  There was a knowing, shiteating grin on Enkler's face during "The Cut-Out Bin" as he pointed to the stage floor and sang, "Some say that rock and roll has died, and at times like these I wish they were right."

Prisonshake at the Summit

No shit, Griffin's the man (bigger pic)

Early set highlight was "Fuck Your Self Esteem," after which Enkler and Griffin gave the origins of the title.  By the end of the set, the band was on fire.  "Elijah" was probably my fave, which may have been fairly obvious when Enkler singled me out to join in on the backup vox.  Those encores killed, too.  Damn, they played "Carthage Burns" and "Seemed a Brilliant Idea."

All in all, this started a bit rocky and was maybe in peril, but by the end this turned out to be one of the more memorable shows for me this year.  These dudes are definitely cool guys as well.  I was a bit scared I might've freaked Enkler out with my fanboyism, but he seemed to get a genuine kick out of me requesting "AIDS Reduction Plan."  Scariano came up and talked to me after the show (he couldn't talk me in to driving up to Cleveland for the show Saturday, but he did hook me up with the setlist pictured below).  And Griffin graciously gave me 45 minutes for an interview that'll go up on the Agit Reader site.

Prisonshake live at the Summit setlist

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