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It wasn't Little Bros., but it'll do

I wasn't going to miss the Silver Jews show last Thursday, which also doubled as the official debut of the Milo Arts gym as a proper music venue here in town.  There were a few assorted snafus -- late start time (after an early start time was announced), power outages, etc., but it wasn't anything that can't be sorted out soon.  The Joos set itself lived up to expectations.  While this time around might have lacked some of the "first ever tour" freshness of the Little Bros. set a few years ago, the band made up for it with a newfound general sense of comfort with being on stage, particularly on Berman's part.

Silver Jews at Milo Arts

Obligatory bad photo of D.C. Berman & Co. (Bigger pic here)

No guitar or music stand with the lyrics this time around for Berman.  Instead, he went with the sort of "Southern English professor meets Elvis" stage persona.  The set was loaded with classics: "How to Rent a Room," "Random Rules," "Trains Across the Sea" are three particular faves of mine that made the cut.  More recent songs that stood out included "Punks in the Beerlight," "K-Hole," and "Horseleg Swastikas."  Too many to list, really (full-ish setlist here).

All in all, I really dug getting to see the band again, and hopefully they swing back here again soon.  Berman seems like a fan of Columbus -- he's got Central Ohio roots and he gave the city some praise in between good-natured swipes at Eddie George (probably rooted in #27's late-career ineffectiveness for Berman's hometown Titans). 

After the show I went up to Berman to shake his hand and told him that I've dug his music since I was a wee lad in high school and he graciously said, "Thanks for sticking with us."  It's been my pleasure.

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