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October 11, 2008

About Last Night #5

So maybe the main target last night at the Ravari Room was Tweak Bird, but we forgot shows at Ravari start on time and ended up getting there in the middle of TB's last song.  Anyway, we did get our yearly dose of Valient Thorr.


Valient Thorr at the Ravari Room


The Thorriors were in full effect and the band seemed to enjoy themselves.  Valient himself professed his undying love for Hound Dog's Pizza.  It was a magical evening.


Valient Thorr at the Ravari Room


I admit, some of the time I didn't know what Valient was talking about.  But one thing is clear:  we've gotta take matters into our own hands.  After all, who's going to help you -- a bipartisan commission?

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