January 02, 2009

Happy New Year, bros . . .


Next Best Records 2009

So I was told that the official motto for 2009 is, "There's always room for one more."  The Next Best Records resolution for the year is, "Put out at least one record."  One would be more than 2008, right?

Hope 2009 is treats you fine.

(And if you're looking for 2008-year-end stuff from me, check my page on Agit Reader.)

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May 13, 2008

Old Knights now on eMusic

Apologies for the recent quiet . . . these Cavs playoff games have been draining I guess.  (LeBron James, if you're reading this, please win Game 5, I'm wearing pretty thin here.)

Anyway, just a quick note to let ya'll know that the first Knights of Infinite Resignation EP, Peace and Rest, is finally up on eMusic (I think this is a link).  If you're on eMusic and you haven't heard it yet, download away . . . and if you're not on eMusic, I think they're always running the 25 or 40 or however many free downloads promos, so there ya go.

In other Knights news, recording is underway for the first plunge into vinyl -- a 7" EP tentatively titled Fourth Street Only (heard that one before, eh?).  Shooting for a release sometime later this summer.

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February 07, 2008

Twentieth Century Apprenticeship on eMusic

Lee Wadlinger's Twentieth Century Apprenticeship

As part of the celebration for the eleven-month anniversary of the release of the Lee Wadlinger Twentieth Century Apprenticeship EP, I've put it up on eMusic.  You can check it here.

And while you're there, check out the Dreadful Yawns Live at Schubas set from 2004.  I like that one, and I think it's one of those eMusic-only deals.

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January 27, 2008

WWWM on Amazon

Lee Wadlinger's What's Wrong With Me album 

As part of the eighth anniversary celebration for the Lee Wadlinger What's Wrong With Me album, I've put it up on the Amazon MP3 store.  You can check it here.

Price is $0.89 per song, or $6.99 for the entire thing.  If you're scoring at home, that's $0.10 and $3.00 (respectively) cheaper than iTunes, and Amazon gives you the snazzy 256 kps bit rate.  I still think the difference between 128 kps and 256 kps is negligible for something recorded on a cassette 4-track machine, but either way now you only have to pay $0.89 to get all 37 seconds of "Heady Phone" (it's worth it).

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November 28, 2007

Knights' PH+CB now on Amazon MP3

Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart by the Knights of Infinite Resignation
The Knights of Infinite Resignation's Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart single is up on the Amazon MP3 site now.  Click here to be taken directly to the page.  It's at $0.89 per song right now (not too shabby), and as far as I can gather the files are DRM-free with a variable bit rate (attempting to average 256 kb).  Keep in mind, this is the "digital download" version of the single, which means that it's just two songs ("Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" and "Cricket The Bug") and doesn't include the Pere Ubu cover that's only available on the cd format (most easily purchasable at the NBR Online Store).
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November 02, 2007

Be the envy of your friends, even the ones who also have iPhones

I guess I should be more up on these things, but apparently the Knights of Infinite Resignation's entire catalogue is now available as iPhone ringtones on the iTunes store.  Ever wanted your incoming calls to trigger the refrain from "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" or "Diesel Rules"?  Well, now's your chance.  Lee Wadlinger's What's Wrong With Me and Twentieth Century Apprenticeship are also available as ringtones.

Speaking of iTunes, the Knights' Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart single and Lee Wadlinger's Twentieth Century Apprenticeship are now available as iTunes Plus downloads (higher bit rate and DRM-free files) for the standard price. 

You could ask me why only one record (rather than both) by each artist is available on iTunes Plus, but I wouldn't have an answer for you.

Oh yeah, as of Tuesday, a used copy of the Knights' PH & CB CD was available in the $3 used cd rack at Used Kids (that's $2 cheaper than what we're asking for it).  I shouldn't have to remind you that you can only get a copy of the boss cover of Pere Ubu's "Ice Cream Truck" on the cd version.

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September 19, 2007

So long, farewell . . .

Owl-eyed (is that hyphenated?) readers will note that it's been a little over a month since the nearly-venerable (pretty sure that's hyphenated) Ian W. wrote anything on here.  That's 'cause he's gracefully bowed out of the micro-indie record biz.  A few weeks ago he headed out west to engage in the hallowed study of semiotics.  Because he "could not make up for distance" (to quote Malkmus) and because he wants to devote his full, undivided attention to Mr. Charles Peirce, et al., it will be necessary for him to completely wash his hands of NBR.

What all this means is that I'm now in the uncomfortable position of having to write stuff in the third person about myself.  Maybe this is the right time to finally see about finding a NBR intern.

Anyway, I hope everyone joins me in wishing Mr. Wying a fond adieu and best of luck heading forward.  Ian's specifically instructed me to leave you all with one last bit of prose:

Keep buying records, and don't bother Googling me, because "Ian Wying" isn't really my name, suckers.

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August 14, 2007

New Lee Wadlinger EP available today

Don't say we never gave you anything for free.  Today Next Best Records has posted a new Lee Wadlinger EP for free download on the NBR site.  The record is called The ECB Years: 1996-1997.  It's a sampler-type compilation of songs Lee recorded during those two years, a period in which he was between bands and trying to find his way as a teenage Ohio musician (for those scoring at home, the way he found was the GBV lo-fi way).  If you've ever wondered what kind of stuff Lee recorded around the time he so famously (ha ha) opened for Elliot Smith (we're going to ride that story into the ground I guess, at least until he opens for Dylan), this is your big opportunity.

The material is a bit uneven, though I bear a particular affection for "SAM" (which is an obvious tribute to Swearing at Motorists) and "CB RNH" (which I suppose is a subtle tribute to Swearing at Motorists).  Either way, it's worth a listen or two.  After all, it is free.  MP3's, as well as a more formal description/liner note-type deal, are here.

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August 06, 2007

I confess. I'm a GBV Geek.

There's a nice mention of the Knights' "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" record today on World of Wumme.  I really dig seeing someone who gets it, . . . well . . . , get it.  I'd quote my favorite pieces, but the whole thing's really worth reading, so do it.  Most GBV fans (especially those of us who have pulled a muscle or two trying to keep pace with Robert Pollard's recorded output) will appreciate the discussion of the decline of the "GBV Geek."

The WoW piece got me thinking about the GBV t-shirt mentioned in "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" (as well as in the liner notes).  I'm happy to report that it's alive and well:


Rockin the Propeller t-shirt


Today's Knights of Infinite Resignation fun fact: A performance of GBV's "Hey Aardvark" was perhaps the musical highlight of the Knights' first public appearance (in Dayton, of all places).  It was a throw-in to fill time while lead guitarist T.J. Redds tried to figure out why his guitar sounded out of tune (The answer?  He was playing a guitar tuned down a half-step . . . did I mention that this also represented the first time 75% of the band had ever played music on stage before?).  The brilliance of the GBV cover was outdone only by the fog machine that the sound guy made the mistake of telling the band they could use if they wanted.  Perhaps predictably, the fog machine got the most praise in the review in UD's Flyer News.  Perhaps also predictably, I think that review was in volume 49, which is the last volume of the paper not to be included on the online archives, so we're deprived of those precious column inches.  Anyway, I'll stop rambling.

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July 26, 2007

"Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" single news

The Knights of Infinite Resignation were pleased to find out that their "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" single was the subject of an entry today on the blog at The Captain Beefheart Radar Station.  Ever since the days of the Electric Eels, Captain Beefheart has always been a favorite of Ohio's rock expeditionaries, and so it should almost go without saying that the Knights were totally psyched that they warranted mention on

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July 24, 2007

Happy PH&CB Day

Well, today is the day.  The Knights of Infinite Resignation's "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" single is released upon the world at large.  The CD version (which contains a cover of Pere Ubu's "Ice Cream Truck" -- gotta love the Cloudland action) can most easily be obtained through the NBR Online Store.  Prefer digital downloads?  We've got you covered.  Here's a sampling:

  • iTunes U.S. (also available worldwide on iTunes . . . I'm too lazy to put up links to all the iTunes sites, so just do a search for "Knights of Infinite Resignation" . . . they're there)
  • eMusic (the Next Best Records debut on eMusic!)
  • Napster (which says, "If you like this artist, you may also like . . . Joe Strummer" !!!)
  • Sony Connect

That should be a good sampling.  There's some other ones too, so if you use another service just rust an artist search.

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July 23, 2007

The Knights of Infinite Resignation's Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart CD single now available

In honor of the release of the Knights of Infinite Resignation's "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" single, the Next Best Records Store has been updated and completely redesigned.  (That's right, it's now free of the rigid constraints of one big table.)

What does this mean for you?  Well, first the PH&CB single is available for mail-order through the store.  The abbreviated version (i.e., without the Pere Ubu cover that's exclusive to the CD version) should be available online via pretty much all of the digital retailers tomorrow.  We're not 100% sure on that, though, so we're not offering any guarantees.  In any event, we'll let you know when PH&CB is up on the sites.

Also, as an added bonus, we've discounted the Knights t-shirts from $15.00 to $12.50 in celebration of the new single.  So yeah, check out the store (

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July 18, 2007

"I am, I exist" is necessarily true whenever . . .

I was browsing around the all-knowing (not to mention very informative) All Music Guide today when I noticed that they've got a listing for Lee Wadlinger's Twentieth Century Apprenticeship EP.  In case you haven't gotten your copy yet, it's still available on CD at the NBR Store and via digital download through iTunes, Napster, Sony Connect, and eventually eMusic.
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July 08, 2007

Knights News (non-"Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" single)

I posted a news update on the Knights of Infinite Resignation MySpace site tonight.  I also posted a rough mix of a new Knights song, "Her Bangs," which will be on the Knights' debut album, White Rose Exile Rock.  That's right, I said album.  More information is found in the news update post.

Also, in case you forgot, the "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" single comes out July 24.

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July 06, 2007

The "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart" page is up

I've got a page up detailing the new Knights of Infinite Resignation single, "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart," which is due out July 24.  Check it here.  The record sounds good -- I'm sure you'll dig it.
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June 13, 2007

Cover Art for the new Knights of Infinite Resignation single

Recording is complete, mixing is nearly finished, and artwork is underway for the new Knights of Infinite Resignation single, "Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart."  The cover:


Paris Hilton & Captain Beefheart cover
Pretty tight, huh?  Graphic design inspiration came directly from three sources:
  1. The infamous Paris Hilton/Captain Beefheart photo
  2. The album cover for Sonic Youth's Washing Machine
  3. A certain early '90's Upper Deck baseball card of a player that no one seems to remember (through the miracle of technology, the picture on the front of the card was of the guy holding the very card -- if we ever find it, we'll let you know)
Lee said that he's psyched that we found what he calls "the Silver Jews font."
We've set July 24 as the release date, so the single will come out just in time for all you bar exam takers out there to treat yourselves after spilling your legal guts for two or three days.  Hopefully we'll be able to sync the online release and physical CD release -- we'll see.
Speaking of the formats, we've decided that we're only going to make the two original tracks available online, and so the suprise cover song will only be found on the CD version. 
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April 27, 2007

The hits keep coming

It wasn't enough for the Knights of Infinite Resignation to go on iTunes this week, but Lee Wadlinger's got two records up on Apple's service now.  That's right, the 2000 classic What's Wrong With Me album and the brand-new Twentieth Century Apprenticeship EP are now live on iTunes.  Links to the albums?  You got 'em:

The version of Twentieth Century Apprenticeship is the same as the CD release from earlier this month.  What's Wrong With Me, however is completely remixed and remastered (it's actually in stereo now -- how's that for getting with the times?), and so even though the songs are the same, it's a slightly different version than the CD that came out in 2000 on Irving Avenue Records.

Needless to say, it's been a big week for us, and we're totally psyched.  Stay tuned . . . .

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April 25, 2007

More updates

I did some more searching, and found Lee Wadlinger music on two more online music services:

I don't know much at all about either of these.  It looks like Sony Connect's prices are comparable to iTunes ($0.99/song, or $9.99 for a full album with more than 11 songs).  For Yahoo! Music Unlimited, if you pay the monthly subscription fee you can download songs for $0.79/song.  The problem with both of these services (and, I believe, Napster) that jumps out at me is that you can't put music you've downloaded from them onto your iPod (but you can put it on other portable music devices).

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We're rollin'

Alright, as Wads noted yesterday, we've got exciting things going on here at NBR.

  • The new Knights EP, Peace and Rest is out on iTunes now (I've handily created a link for you to follow to the record so you don't have to search for it).  Check Lee's post below for links to the EP web page and liner notes.  It's really a cool five songs, and obviously you should check it out.
  • As Roger Brown would say, our spies (actually Bone Fresh -- thanks for the tip, Sam!) have informed us that Lee Wadlinger music is now on Napster for those of you who are anti-iTunes (just so you know, if you are you're absurd).  The two records on Napster are 2000's What's Wrong With Me album and the new Twentieth Century Apprenticeship EP.  So, in case you've ever wanted to download the song ("Picture of Me") that is the soundtrack to Ohio State Law Professor Lee's famous YouTube video, Napster's the place to go for now.
  • We're told that What's Wrong With Me and Twentieth Century Apprenticeship will be on iTunes within the next two weeks.  Stay tuned to this space for updates.
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April 24, 2007

Did you know "peace" is a dirty word in Belgium?

Don't you ever say "Next Best Records is always late."  Previous projections had the new Knights of Infinite Resignation EP, Peace and Rest, hitting iTunes on May 22.  Well, we proved 'em wrong.

That's right, Peace and Rest is available now!  I can't remember if Ian mentioned this ever, but we're only going to do this one on iTunes.  The good news is that it only costs $4.95 to download the whole thing.  The bad news is that technophobes and Apple-haters won't be able to get hard copies in their hands (maybe one day, but don't hold your breath).  But really, though, if I have an iPod, isn't it time you got with the times?  The way I see it, if it's too expensive to press to vinyl, we might as well just move on to the 21st century and pretend CD's and tapes never existed.

the Knights of Infinite Resignation: Peace and Rest 

Anyways, all you gotta do is go on iTunes and search for the Knights of Infinite Resignation.  I tried just typing in "knights" but we don't come up that way.  You can, however, type in "infinite knights" or "knights infinite" or "infinite resignation."  I tried all three of those and they worked.  (Side note: If you type in Kierkegaard, you get something different.  I don't know what it has to do with Kierkegaard, but maybe it's still cool.)  I haven't figured out how to post a link to iTunes here yet.  I leave it for techno-genius Ian to do that.

Oh yeah, the label was prescient enough to put up a Peace and Rest page and my online liner notes.  They're available here and here, respectively.

By my unofficial count, we're available now in 21 countries.  You have no excuse, especially if you live in Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, the U.K., or the U.S.

One last thing: Belgians really don't think "peace" is dirty.  It's just that the Belgian iTunes actually censored the word "peace" in the EP title.  I don't understand why they needed to call it P***e and Rest.  Maybe "peace" means something obscene in Flemish.  Either way, a few years ago I spent a month in Belgium and really had a nice time.

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April 10, 2007

Why is this man so sad?

Lee Wadlinger is a sad panda.

It's not because the Polish Sausage didn't win the Sausage Race during the Cleveland Indians home game in Milwaukee tonight.  (By the way--how awesome is it that the Tribe was able to draw roughly 20,000 fans to a game between them and the Brewers in Milwaukee?  Keep in mind, that's 6,000 more people than were present at the Reds home game in Cincinnati Sunday.  Citizens of Milwaukee, you rule.)

Seriously, folks, it's because his Twentieth Century Apprenticeship and Guide To Dating CD's (pictured, with Lee, above) were released today, and you haven't bought a copy of either yet!  How do I know that, you ask?  Well, I run this record label.  It's my job to know these things.

They're really swell.  You should check them out.  They're available right now at the convenient online store.  Lee will also have an ample supply available at the Fourth Street Only show Thursday night (see below for more details).

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April 07, 2007


I'm slowly, but surely, updating the Final Four diary.  Rest assured, even though the championship game didn't go Ohio State's way, I will post the entire diary.  So, for those of you who keep checking back to see if I've added to it . . . well, um . . . keep checking back.

In other news, the CD's for Twentieth Century Apprenticeship and the Guide To Dating are finally in and ready to ship.  Accordingly, they're now up in the Online Store.  Tonight we also posted "online liner notes" for both CD's.  I wanted to keep the packaging minimal for both releases, which meant that there wasn't really any room for any sort of extended liner notes.  So, thanks to the magic of the internet, we've got extended liner notes online (for whatever they're worth).  Liner notes for Twentieth Century Apprenticeship are available here, and liner notes for the Guide To Dating are available here.

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March 28, 2007

New Knights of Infinite Resignation EP coming in May!

It's been five years in the making!  The Knights of Infinite Resignation will finally release their debut EP on May 22.  The record, called Peace and Rest (another Kierkegaard reference--would you expect anything less?) will feature five songs:

  1. Without You
  2. Look, It's Rubber Boy!
  3. Next To You
  4. Diesel Rules
  5. Cold Shoulder

The tracks have been culled from the Knights' various recording sessions over the years (in Hudson and Columbus, Ohio).  Not only do you get the Knights in all of their spazzed-out fuzzy glory ("Diesel Rules" is epic), but you also get them doing their "We're Ohio's Yo La Tengo" act with "Next To You."

An interesting note:  "Without You" was written by Lee as a tribute to Carl Wilson just after his passing in 1998.  Accordingly, the original 1998 version features Beach Boys-style backup vocals.  The version here--which was recorded a few weeks ago--has no backup vocals, but the "Don't Worry Baby"-esque guitar solo was kept in the arrangment.

Anyway, the record sounds great, and it's a fitting beginning for the Knights' recording career.  This release will also be the first by Next Best Records to be available worldwide on iTunes.  More information on iTunes, as well as traditional CD availability will follow soon.  In the meantime, "Look, It's Rubber Boy!" and "Cold Shoulder" can be heard on the Knights' MySpace page (albeit in initial mono mixes).

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March 23, 2007

Final Delay

I'm sorry.  I lied.  There's another delay with the Lee Wadlinger CD's.  Apparently there's was a bit of a snafu with the artwork, and so we won't be getting the CD's for a while yet, and blah blah blah.

Anyways, we've pushed the release date for Twentieth Century Apprenticeship and Lee Wadlinger's Guide To Dating back to April 10.  There's a chance we'll get them in sooner.  If we do, I'll be sure to let you know here so that you can get your orders in.  Lee is optimistic that he'll have some copies available for Fourth Street Only's appearance at Ugly Tuna Saloona in Columbus on March 30 (see the Concert Dates page for more info).

In other news, stay tuned for an exciting announcment in the next few days involving further NBR releases.

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March 13, 2007

Next Best Records on YouTube

Lee Wadlinger's first video is complete.  It's an ultra lo-fi production, created entirely using a cell phone's video camera function.  The video is for the song "Throwing Bottles," essentially because, well, it's the shortest song off of the upcoming Twentieth Century Apprenticeship EP (coming March 27!).  The video has been posted on Lee's MySpace page and YouTube

Also, if you click on my YouTube profile (nextbestrecords), you can check out an expanding list of Next Best Records approved YouTube videos.  Lee highly recommends the video of Prisonshake playing "Act Like Nothing's Wrong" (if only there were a video of them doing "Fairfield Avenue Serenade").

Anyways, your comments on the L.W. video are much appreciated.  If enough people dig it (read: get a hearty chuckle out of it), maybe we'll make more.  And maybe we'll even upgrade from the cell phone video camera.

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March 12, 2007

New Release News

Alright, there's good news and bad news.  First, the bad news: We're once again pushing back the release date for the new Lee Wadlinger EP, Twentieth Century Apprenticeship.

Now, the good news:  We're only pushing it back by a week.  So, for those of you keeping score at home, it's now going to be released on March 27.  We're really serious about it this time.  And--as if that wasn't good news enough--we're also MOVING UP the release date for the rerelease of Lee's Guide To Dating CD.  Both will be available on the online store (prices to be determined).  In the next 10 days or so, I'll be putting together some form of online liner notes for each release and putting them up on the respective pages on the main site.

In Knights of Infinite Resignation news, the t-shirts are flying off the shelves.  Astute visitors to the online store have noted that the medium shirt with the red ringed collar/sleeves has already sold out.  The long-awaited Knights EP will likely be the next thing we release.

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March 02, 2007

The Next Best Records Online Store is now online!

*Snif* *Snif*--my little label is growing up!  That's right, I've finally gotten things in gear.  The Next Best Records Online Store is now up and running.  You can now be the first kid on your block to own a Knights of Infinite Resignation t-shirt!  But wait, there's more!  You can also be the third kid in your state to own a copy of the Magic Ball Hunt EP, or the eleventh person in your town to own a copy of the Pesotum/Lee Wadlinger split-7" single!

In case you couldn't tell from the above links, since we don't have any official music releases actually out yet (set-in-stone release date for the new Lee Wadlinger EP is March 20), the store consists mostly of stuff we found in the boxes sitting in the old Eclectic Citrus Bowls bunker (located 80 feet below Stow Road and Streetsboro Street in Hudson, Ohio).  We're currently only accepting orders via credit card through Pay Pal, which Mr. Wadlinger assures us is much easier for you and for us than the old "send a check or cash to my P.O. Box" indie-rock model.

I also spent some time today updating the main Next Best Records website, so those of you who are interested in purchasing stuff can actually get some information on what we have for sale.

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February 22, 2007

They said it couldn't be done...

Big news afoot at NBR.  Not only will we soon have Lee Wadlinger's Twentieth Century Apprenticeship CDEP available, but we're also going to have Knights of Infinite Resignation t-shirts for sale!  The shirts will feature the band name on the front, and a cryptic, currently super-secret phrase encapsulating all that the Knights are about on the back.  In other words, they'll be similar to the one from last year (the one that Mr. Wadlinger kindly modeled for this Blog), other than having different text on the back.  Unfortunately, they won't be black (I know, white T-shirts aren't very knightly), but they will feature uber-stylish ringed collars and sleves (available in black and limited-edition red).  More news to come when they're ready to be shipped....

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February 20, 2007

Updates on the NBR Shows page

Just added two new shows to our concerts page.  Two bands Lee's in--the Backup Plan and Fourth Street Only--will be playing in the next week or so.  First, the Backup Plan will be playing at Lodge Bar in Columbus on Friday, February 23 as part of an OSU Law School event that's open to the public.  Second, Fourth Street Only will be playing Little Brother's in Columbus on Wednesday, February 28th.  More info at the above link (the one with the words "concerts page").

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February 19, 2007

Update on Twentieth Century Apprenticeship

I've had a productive weekend working on the new EP.  For now, I think I have the song lineup set, though there's one song I'm thinking about cutting and replacing with something new.  Regardless, we're seriously very close to the first release on Next Best Records.  I need to touch up the recordings on one or two songs, then mix everything and finalize the artwork.  Perhaps we'll have CD's by the end of February, but the first week of March is probably a better estimate.

To whet your collective appetite, I've had a demo for "Nightlight"--the song that will close the EP--posted on my MySpace page (complete with lyrics!).  "Nightlight" is a semi-humorous take on a number of topics, including the media, Ohio, songwriting, and post-post-modern existentialism.  The demo version actually is pretty close to the final version.  Let me know if you think the vocals should be louder in the mix (seriously).

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February 08, 2007

EP artwork underway...

The front cover (a preliminary version of it, anyway) of Lee Wadlinger's upcoming EP is finished.  Take a look at a lo-fi version:


Obviously, the EP is going to be titled Twentieth Century Apprenticeship.  I know we say it's going to be a four-song EP on the news page, but now it might be a five-song EP.  One of those four or five songs will be "Please Be Careful," which may or may not chronicle a certain night when Mr. Wadlinger took a date to Steak 'n Shake (how's that for some inside info?), and which currently plays on his MySpace page, if you'd like to get a sneak preview.  If we get our collective behind in gear, we may even be able to move up the release date.  (Is February 20 too optimistic?  Probably.)

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January 13, 2007

Happy belated New Year

Here's the deal: Our blog-based resolution for the year is to write more frequently.  Our record label-based resolution is to actually really start putting out records (it's hard to do when you only have two people really "working" for the label, but you don't want to hear me whining).

In other news, Lee Wadlinger has made his YouTube debut.  Professor Lee of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law used "Picture of Me," a song from Wadlinger's 2000 LP, What's Wrong With Me, as the soundtrack for a video of a Halloween party.  There is a short version and a long version.  This marks only the second time that a Wadlinger has appeared on YouTube.

Speaking of Professor Lee, he has an interesting blog all about YouTube, and he was recently quoted in a story on YouTube in the Washington Post.

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October 18, 2006

Another one?!?!?!

Don't say I never do anything for this record label.  I made a MySpace page for Lee Wadlinger today.  Check it out at  We're taking over with our two MySpace pages--first the Knights, now Lee.

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October 16, 2006

A little housecleaning

By popular demand, I archived Mr. Wadlinger's complete OSU-UT diary.  You can now easily access all three parts, along with the two pages of pictures, by clicking the links to the right under the heading, "The OSU-UT Diary."  Enjoy.
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September 06, 2006

I haven't been quiet on purpose...

Sorry for the extended silence on the ol' blog lately.  I can't speak for Mr. Wying, but I personally have been hella busy.

Good things are on the way, though.  Coming next week(ish): the NBR Movie of the Month for September; my reviews of the Bob Dylan concert in Washington (it was really good--better than Columbus), the Sonic Youth/Flaming Lips show in Columbus (where I almost experienced sensory overload), and the new Dylan album/press musings; and--perhaps most exciting--I'm going to do a Bill Simmons-esque diary of my trip this weekend to the Ohio State-Texas showdown in Austin.  It'll all be sweet.

Until then, you can tide yourself over with the last Bill Simmons-esque diary I participated in.  Go Bucks!

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August 09, 2006

Delays, delays...

Bad (well, not that bad) news from the NBR front.  We've got to push back the release dates for all the upcoming projects.  I'll post new dates here and on the main web site soon.

The short version:  the new Fortress of Solitude Studios aren't too close to completion.  Plus, we've only got two people "working" for the label.  And it's not like we have distributors or really anyone breathing down our necks for new "product."  The songs will come soon.  And I'll probably post some new MP3's soon.

Sorry to our legions of fans.  Just a few more weeks....

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July 27, 2006

Only in Cleveland

Hope always comes with late July.  That's because west of Cleveland, in Berea, training camp always starts then, giving us a chance to sit back, relax, and make bold predictions that this will be the year that the Browns will finally be competitive.  Hope always comes, but something will always happen to knock us back into reality.

This year, it's LeCharles Bentley.  Only in Cleveland will an NFL team give a six-year contract to a 26 year-old Pro Bowl center who will anchor the offensive line for years to come, only to see him go down for the season with an injury on the first play of training camp.  People always say, "You Clevelanders need to stop being so negative."  We try.  But then things like this happen.

Lee Wadlinger has changed his fantasy football team name to "The Bentleys" in honor of the newest fallen Brown.  "The Browns might not win the Superbowl this year without you, LeCharles, but I'll do my best to make sure that your name is on the Lowes Cup this season," said Wadlinger after announcing his decision earlier today.

In other LW news, the reason the release date for The Price Of Solitude has been pushed back is that Fortress of Solitude studios is moving to a new location in Columbus.  September is more likely now (but other releases are coming, I promise!).

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July 12, 2006

Website updates

In the past two days, we've added new mp3's to the Lee Wadlinger website, along with a snazzy Lee Wadlinger bio and fact sheet page.  Pretty exciting stuff.

In other news, Lee promises to finally post July's Next Best Records Movie of the Month tonight.

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June 21, 2006

Nevermind ...

Club 202 hasn't had open mic night for a couple of weeks.  Sorry to those of you who made it out only to find the doors locked.  Maybe Next Best Records managment needs to call and check these things out in advance, rather than relying on websites.  Maybe.

Speaking of websites, updates to the main website are (hopefully) coming soon.

In light of this blog's NBA Finals predicition, I'd like to say congrats to the Miami Heat.  But anyone that says Wade is a better player than LeBron can kiss my ass.  Anyone looks a lot better than he is with Shaq (35 years old or not) running with him (I'm looking your way, Penny Hardaway).  And tell me which supporting cast is legit (and loaded with all-stars, even if they're old):  Shaq/Gary Payton/Antoine Walker/Alonzo Mourning -- or -- Z/Eric Snow/Ira Newble/Donyell Marshall.

I'm not saying Wade isn't one of the top 10 players in the league (I've been following him a long time -- how many times did you see him play in person for Marquette?), but don't say he's better than LeBron. 

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June 19, 2006

See Lee

Lee's going to go ahead and try out the open mic night at Club 202.  Show is supposed to start tomorrow (Tuesday, June 20) at 9:00 p.m.  The address is 145 N. 5th St. in Downtown, Columbus.  (That's just north of Long St., and a long stone's throw from the Cathedral, in case you want to go to mass at 5:15 before heading over.) 

Judging by the pictures on the website, the place looks fairly cool.  No word on why it's called Club 202.  Lee will have to ask.  My guess is that it's 17 better than Club 185 (but how could that be?).  Lee may or may not wear the Knights t-shirt (pictured in yesterday's post).  Should be fun, but I won't be there (for the uninitiated, I don't live in Columbus -- only in your imagination).

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June 18, 2006

The Knights of Infinite Resignation t-shirt is in!

The brand-new Knights t-shirt arrived today.  Our lovely model was kind enough to pose for pictures:


The plan is to make the publicly available ones be black t-shirts with white lettering.  The Knights of Infinite Resignation: Full of Ohio Pride.

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June 12, 2006

Two great news items

1) I just desinged the first official Knights of Infinite Resignation t-shirt.  It's pretty sweet.  I ordered a test pressing, and if all goes well I hope to get a few printed up to give away/sell.  Of course, all past and current Knights get first dibs.

2) They announced the title of Bob Dylan's new album: Modern Times.  Awesome-o.  It's due out August 28.  Gee, new Sonic Youth and Dylan in one summer ... how'd we get so lucky?

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June 10, 2006

Updates and a venture to the dark side of the Internet

So we finally broke down and posted a Knights of Infinite Resignation page on MySpace today., for those of you so inclined.  Be the Knights' friend!  It looks pretty pathetic that they've got none.

Aside from outdated pictures, you'll also find a couple of songs on the Knights' MySpace page, songs which are tentatively slated to be included on the not-yet-named Knights EP that we're going to try to release next month.  Stay tuned here and on the Next Best Records news page for more info as it becomes available.

We've also definitely decided to release an EP from Lee Wadlinger in July.  It will be older stuff that won't fit (space-wise and style-wise) onto The Price of Solitude.  Again, more details to come.

Finally, I posted a brief bio of the Knights -- so you know who the hell they are -- on their web page.  It's pretty brilliant (the bio, that is).

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May 30, 2006

The 2005 Lowes Cup Presentation

Awarding the Lowes Cup

On Saturday, 2004 Lowes Cup Champion Jay Brown awarded Lee Wadlinger with the Lowes Cup.  Lee's 2005 championship team, Chunky Soup, dominated the Lowes Cup league for the entire season, lead by a killer ground attack featuring Priest Holmes/Larry Johnson, Tiki Barber, and Edge James.

Lee would like to personally thank his starting lineup for the dominant Week 17 championship victory:  QB Drew Brees, WR Andre Johnson, WR Drew Bennett, RB Larry Johnson, RB Deshaun Foster, TE Antonio Gates, W/R Tiki Barber, K Mike Vanderjagt, and DEF Tampa Bay.

After receiving and inspecting the Cup (which 2003 champion Steve Buck used to hold his extensive collection of matchbooks), Lee decided against carrying out his two year-old promise to eat Chunky Soup out of the Cup.  Instead, he's just going to proudly display it high atop his living room bookshelf.

When reached for comment, Wadlinger said, "I still haven't decided what my team name will be next year.  I should think of something short, in case they want to charge me by the letter when I get it engraved as the 2006 champion."

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May 28, 2006

Mission Statement

Welcome to the official Next Best Records Blog.  As you can probably guess, this "literary" endeavor is inextricably intertwined with the general endeavor of Next Best Records: music.  So what will you find here?  Pretty much whatever random thoughts hit us at any given time as worthy of passing along to you, our valued reader.  We'll try to limit these random thoughts to what we know "best," which, again, is music.

You'll notice that we've been using the first-person plural in this post.  That's because this Blog will eventually (and hopefully, we suppose) become a forum in which any and all of those who work under the Next Best Records banner (recording artists, "associates," etc.) will be able to throw in their thoughts.  As your humble narrator and the Chief Architect of Rock at Next Best Records (I just made that title up myself, that's the way we do things here), I, Ian Wying, will be responsible for most of the postings.  As our only currently active "artist" (hey, this label just got off the ground this month), Lee Wadlinger will also hopefully join in the fray soon (maybe even tonight if I get his first post). 

So, stop by periodically and see what we're up to.  Chances are that we'll use this more for "lesser" Next Best updates/news, and the News page for "important" announcements.  Thanks for stopping by, and we'll check ya later.

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