November 17, 2008

About Last Night #7

Stellar lineup at the Summit:  Fey Gods, Psychedelic Horseshit, and Los Llamarada.  Fey Gods and Horseshit are two bands that keep getting better each time I see them.  Fey Gods are getting close to having their guitar-keys-drum machine setup down pat.  I just wish they'd start doing a little more than 30 copies in their cassette runs, since I seem to keep missing out.

Horseshit kicked the usual ass, this time with Dave (most famously of Night of Pleasure?) handling the bass action.  The new songs are killer, but you knew that before, right?  As a sign of the one bummer to come, the PA speakers cut out at the end of the set.  Matt closed things out with an (almost) acapella coda to the last song.  I was glad I stood near the stage.

Psychedelic Horseshit at the Summit

Hard to really describe Los Llamarada.  This set seemed to pick up as a progression from where they left off with their S-S LP's.  Totally amazing jams.  We were hella lucky to have them come to Columbus.  You must see this band.

Los Llamarada at the Summit

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November 16, 2008

About Last Night #6

Dueling banjos last night -- a good handful of bands at Skully's up against a Velvet Underground themed show at the Summit.  I tried my best to maximize, with so-so results.  I caught Deathly Fighter's dance-party set at Skully's.  Good Company played "Fat Bottomed Girls," so I suppose I can't complain too much.  Had to miss Horseshit and the Unholy 2, though.

I made it to the Summit for the later half of Moviola's set.  I liked their "I Can't Stand It."  The Summit was packed (as was Skully's).  A coney dog at Bourbon Street was more my speed between Moviola and Cheater Slicks (the main event).

Cheater Slicks playing "Sister Ray" at the Summit

The Slicks' "Sister Ray" made the evening's scrambling worthwhile.  Faithful to the original but with that added Shannon Bros. guitar magic.  Dana Hatch's vox and Mo Tucker-tribute drumming were spot on, too.  If there's a recording out there, someone needs to make this into a one-sided LP.

Cheater Slicks playing "Sister Ray" at the Summit

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October 11, 2008

About Last Night #5

So maybe the main target last night at the Ravari Room was Tweak Bird, but we forgot shows at Ravari start on time and ended up getting there in the middle of TB's last song.  Anyway, we did get our yearly dose of Valient Thorr.


Valient Thorr at the Ravari Room


The Thorriors were in full effect and the band seemed to enjoy themselves.  Valient himself professed his undying love for Hound Dog's Pizza.  It was a magical evening.


Valient Thorr at the Ravari Room


I admit, some of the time I didn't know what Valient was talking about.  But one thing is clear:  we've gotta take matters into our own hands.  After all, who's going to help you -- a bipartisan commission?

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September 21, 2008

About Last Night #4

Not last night actually, but Friday night.  Prisonshake started off slow, but ended up obliterating the faithful who stuck around.

Mr. Rubberburner started off.  The bassman extraordinaire wasn't in the house, but the band nevertheless sounded better than the last time.  The songs definitely were a bit more polished.  I'm down.

Mr. Rubberburner at the Summit

Mr. Rubberburner (bigger pic)

The 'Shake was the main attraction, though, and damned if they didn't end up kicking some ass.  Not without some drama.  The equipment was going out left and right early on.  "Fake Your Own Death," the opener, was ruined due to the malfunctions, and the amps or whatever kept going out for the first 15 minutes or so.  That, coupled with the need to get the guitars completely retuned for different songs, got things off to a fairly rocky start.  Cut 'em some slack, though.  This was their first show in a year and a half.

Prisonshake at the Summit

Prisonshake . . . Enkler wasn't messing around (bigger pic

Things continued to be a little tense throughout the main set.  As the equipment kept freaking out and a handful of people started streaming out of the bar, the band looked more than a little frustrated.  There was a knowing, shiteating grin on Enkler's face during "The Cut-Out Bin" as he pointed to the stage floor and sang, "Some say that rock and roll has died, and at times like these I wish they were right."

Prisonshake at the Summit

No shit, Griffin's the man (bigger pic)

Early set highlight was "Fuck Your Self Esteem," after which Enkler and Griffin gave the origins of the title.  By the end of the set, the band was on fire.  "Elijah" was probably my fave, which may have been fairly obvious when Enkler singled me out to join in on the backup vox.  Those encores killed, too.  Damn, they played "Carthage Burns" and "Seemed a Brilliant Idea."

All in all, this started a bit rocky and was maybe in peril, but by the end this turned out to be one of the more memorable shows for me this year.  These dudes are definitely cool guys as well.  I was a bit scared I might've freaked Enkler out with my fanboyism, but he seemed to get a genuine kick out of me requesting "AIDS Reduction Plan."  Scariano came up and talked to me after the show (he couldn't talk me in to driving up to Cleveland for the show Saturday, but he did hook me up with the setlist pictured below).  And Griffin graciously gave me 45 minutes for an interview that'll go up on the Agit Reader site.

Prisonshake live at the Summit setlist

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September 19, 2008

About Last Night #3

No power yet at Bourbon Street last night, so the sure-to-be-stellar El Jesus de Magico and Dan Melchior und das Menace twin bill got moved to Carabar.  Despite the game day confusion, both bands came through with sets that lived up to expectations.

El Jesus opened with two longish, plodding jams that I totally dug.  Thus setting the mood, they transitioned nicely into the more "traditional" stuff.  'Twas all good.  As cliche as it might sound, every time I see El Jesus, it seems like they top themselves.

I'd first seen Dan Melchior und das Menace during SXSW this year and really dug their set.  They rocked then, but the band sounded tighter during this Ohio appearance (maybe it was just me).  Anyway, high-energy, tension-filled rock hit after hit here.  Definitely check them out when they come by your locality.

Dan Melchior und das Menace at Carabar

Dan Melchior und das Menace at Carabar

The two-band bill let each group find their groove and (at least in El Jesus' case) seemingly explore some areas that they don't normally get to in their live sets.  And it was all over before 2 a.m.  More two-band bills, please.

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August 20, 2008

About Last Night #2

Weedeater can really groove.  Dig that bass sound.

Weedeater at Cafe Bourbon Street

Untied we stand.

Long live dirt weed.

Mankind is unkind, man.

God luck and good speed.

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August 13, 2008

About last night (and the night before)

Solid one-two punch Monday and Tuesday nights here in Central Oh.  Monday I went to Bourbon St. for the really big rock show.

Last time I saw Psychedelic Horseshit was after Comfest I think, when I really wasn't in my right mind, so it was good to see the new new lineup again.  Seemed like they played a lot of new stuff, which I fully support.  More melodic, more ambitious (???), more bang fer yer buck.  Play the new stuff.  It sounds better than the old stuff, and the old stuff still rules. 

Hadn't heard either Crystal Stilts or Vivian Girls (both apparently from New York).  I dug both sets.  Stilts had a sorta Velvets-poprock type sound (at least from behind the stage), but I may be getting the Velvets comparison mostly by reflex from their kick-ass playing-while-standing drummer who tastefully laid off the cymbals.  Vivian Girls were more straight-up frantic pop rock.  Overall highlight of the night (and it was an A+ night) had to be their killer cover of the Beach Boys' "Girl Don't Tell Me."  I know, I'm partial to Beach Boys covers, but this was seriously good and had me yelling "Carl Wilson" after it was over.  I told their bassist they need to record and release a version of it . . . hopefully they do.

Crystal Stilts at Cafe Bourbon Street

Monday night's obligatory bad photo: Crystal Stilts

Times New Viking capped things off as you knew they would.  New songs (off the upcoming EP, maybe?) kicked it.  The super-packed Bourbon St. crowd went wild -- the kids getting a bit rowdy, and even though they came a little close to toppling the PA a couple of times, it was good to see the place that crowded for these bands.  Was that a six-minute version of "Love Your Daughters"?  Could've gone to eight.  Perfect night all around, really.

Tuesday night I made my way to Carabar.  Howlies' YouTube video for "Aluminum Baseball Bat" had me geared up for some new-oldies crooning, but alas, they're pretty much your standard, slightly-above average, upbeat guitar rock.  Not that there's anything wrong with that -- everybody else seemed really into it -- but it wasn't quite my thing.  They did play "Baseball Bat," though, and that was something even I could get fully behind.

Mr. Rubberburner, on the other hand, was a little older and a little dirtier -- something I can get behind.  A Columbus supergroup of sorts, they belted out the raw guitar rock and ended the night with a riff-laden cover of "My Perogative."  Good work, fellas.

Mr. Rubberburner at Carabar

Tuesday night's obligatory bad photo: Mr. Rubberburner

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